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Ever since we began we knew we would eventually get to the point where we would stand in the arena and dress in our colors the warriors who (literally) break their backs in the battles that are the events.
Step by step we have been fulfilling this wish bringing it to life in the TRAINLIKEFIGHT ELITE TEAM that will launch in this year 2020 in the first great Crossfit-sanctioned event of the year and that will begin an amazing journey with us.
We cannot stop talking about the wonders of those selected to take part, Crossfit professionals we all know and that are so close to the fans. We will have with us :



David is an athlete we have a special affection for. Both inside and outside the track he’s a real character and is always our favorite tester. He’s never without his Rainbow Beast which is always on his HR BELT Rainbow Edition. He’s also our favorite target, the Velcro Man, just watch our videos.



Rita found a place in our heart in 2017 when she helped us test our first models. She is currently in possession of a special edition purple MTV. She is waiting for a new mini-mouse patch



We don’t know anyone else, no one, with such a big smile. And such big hands. We need an extra large pair of grips for him extra-large ICON GRIPS. What can we say about an athlete that took by storm the 20.5 event in the Open 2020 with a 30th and that every time you see him wins you over a little bit more.



Manon has become this year the Fittest in Belgium with an almost perfect Open with four first positions (1st) and one second (2nd). We are incredibly happy to count with her (Shark) in our ocean of incredible athletes.