Triple Curve Weight Vest Plates – Ultimate 15 Metcon Plates


A couple of 7.5 lbs plates (15 lb in total). The official weight for women’s competitions wearing weighted vests.

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Ultimate 15 Metcon Plates can be purchased separately from MTV. They’re the best, compatible with all the vests in the market and these are the reasons why they are unbeatable.

  • Laser Cutting: like MTV fabric, laser cutting allows clean, precise edges.
  • Anatomical adjustment: its multiple curves allow a perfect anatomical adaptation. They are attached to the body because they respect their shapes.
  • Compatible: our plates are SAPI 10 “x12” standard. So you can wear them with all the vests on the market, including 5.11.
  • Sold in pairs: Ultimate Metcon Plates are always sold in pairs.
  • Special varnish: over the Ultimate Metcon Plates we have used a rust-resistant and scratch-resistant baking varnish that offers exceptional resistance to salt, water, sweat, solvent, chemical, trichloro and diameter. To apply it, a professional baked gun finish has been used.



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