The idea

It was in the box that we discovered the mantra that would guide us: “train like fight”.

We could not stop thinking about that immutable truth when, along the way, we learned the benefits of training with weighted vest. We tested them; many of them; and very expensive. We loved the sensations but did not find the perfect vest. None fulfilled its promises and did not meet our needs or those of our box partners.

So we jump into it. We used our experience and knowledge to create the best weighted training vest for metabolic training. Here it is. It’s the MTV.

Metcon Tactical Vest (MTV) is a tactical vest that is born from the experience of combat vests but that has been devised specifically for your training.

The perfect symbiosis between the experience of the security forces and the study and understanding of the needs of the athletes.

MTV has been created combining the best materials and the latest European technology of design and clothing. Together with ULTIMATE METCON PLATES, they form the perfect equipment. They are a creative and technological solution to achieve the most revolutionary metabolic training vest. United are the best weighted vest in the market, impossible to overcome in comfort and quality.

If you choose the toughest path it can only help you become better on your way to the top.

Since 2017 we have taken part in more than 50 national and international events. We have gone from being a company with just one star product to a company who introduces itself as an innovative company. Since our first sale we have continued growing, receiving an amazing feedback from our clients who we listen to and from whom we have learnt a lot throughout all these years which have gone by really quickly.

Our goal is to be the main brand in sports innovation.

It might seem too big but our goals are a motivation to become better and stronger. We are not going to hide behind small goals. We have one goal and it is very big. For this reason we need you all to support us and give us a push to become the best.

Our passion

We train, listen and create

No se mueve nada y es super cómodo, el chaleco M.T.V. es perfecto para los atletas.
RITA GARCIA – Owner of Sweetdeath Box – elite athlete @ritagarciaherrera
El chaleco M.T.V. combinado con las Ultimate Plates se ajusta perfectamente a la forma del cuerpo en los wods más exigentes.
DAVID MATA – Owner of box Berkana and spanish games athlete @davidmata91
SAM LUBBEN – Nerderland Games Athlete @samlubben
Las muñequeras F.D. de Trainlikefight ofrecen una fijación superior y se adaptan a las necesidades del atleta de alto rendimiento.
MARTIN LISTE – Weightlifting Spanish Team @martin.liste
El cinturón S.F. de Trainlikefight es “un cinturón seguro y cómodo”
DAVID VICAS – Weightlifting Spanish Team @vicas212