THE MOMENT IS NOW. Get your vest!
The moment has come. Now is YOUR moment. You must take action. You've been waiting for this for months. So have we. The countdown begins… There have been many that you...
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"El Día Z" is not just a day
We know. You're thinking that Z-Day has already passed a century. All of us already know Zorranbrokn, we have given her a face and ... we liked it! But what you don´t know, is...
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Train Like Fight at Spanish Throwdown
On September 8, 9 and 10, 2017, Spanish Throwdown took place in Madrid. Many were the doubts that assaulted us before deciding to go one of the most important events of crossfit...
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Ready, steady...
We are already here. We´ve done a long way and we are here to stay. We want to train with you. We want to fight with you. We want to live crossfit with you. We want this blog...
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