The moment has come. Now is YOUR moment. You must take action. You’ve been waiting for this for months. So have we. The countdown begins…

There have been many that you have asked, those who wanted to have your Metcon Tactical Vest next to the Ultimate Metcon Plates to fight with them in the box.

Our know-how has led us to create the best tactical vest on the market, now it is you who have to follow the mantra and train like fights.

The Kickstarter campaign to get your Metcon Tactical Vest and your Ultimate Metcon Plates will be placed on the market on November 11th, 2017.

30 days left!


The Metcon Tactical Vest along with the Ultimate Metcon Plates are the most creative and technological solution to reach the best metabolic training vest. Joining forces means the perfect symbiosis between the experience of the security forces and the needs of the athletes. But what makes them special?

The Metcon Tactical Vest is a real revolution in the world of tactical vests. It is specially designed for sports, especially crossfit, and this is evident in every step you take with him in your box. It is precise, made with the advanced Thoratex fabric cut with laser and combined with the MOLLE system which allows an adaptability to most sizes and a perfect fit thanks to the adjustable strap that allows total freedom of movement. Also, its advanced systems and materials make it harmless, so it will not leave you lacerations; hydrophobic, allowing its use with rain; lightweight, forgetting the extra weight you carry; absorbent, repelling moisture and resisting odors; thermoregulable, obtaining the perfect temperature for the sport practice … All this makes that the Metcon Tactical Vest is the most advanced and comfortable metabolic vest of the market.

The Ultimate Metcon Plates, on the other hand, are the most technological evolution of the ballistic plates used by the Bodies and Security Forces. The laser cut makes its edges precise and its multiple curves allow an fit to the body that until now was unthinkable. They are always sold in pairs and are SAPI 10 “x12”, which makes them compatible with almost all the vests on the market. UMPs are available in 3 different sizes for beginners, women (official competing weight) and men (competing official weight).

There’s no margin of error. Make it yours!


We decided to go to the market through crowdfunding to reach a greater number of athletes. The metabolic training for athletes is ideal for them to make progress and improvements and we want that anyone can achieve it. We can all make it possible. We have done our part: we have created the Metcon Tactical Vest and the Ultimate Metcon Plates and have improved it with your opinions. Now, your moment has arrived. We need your help and those of other athletes like you for this project place to the market.

We do not need much. Only 3 steps on your part will make it possible:

       1. Join the campaign on Kickstarter

Click this link and leave us your mail to inform you and we will have you for the campaign. You will be the first to know everything.

       2.Select your pack

  • UMP (Ultimate Metcon Plates): for 35 € you will receive 2 plates with 5 pounds each, for 45 € you will have the pair of 7.5 pounds and for 55 €, the pair of 10 pounds will be yours.


  • MTV Super Early Birds: for € 85 MTV will be yours. But you’ll have to hurry. You can only get it at this price if you are among the 75 fastest.


  • MTV Early Birds: for 90 € you will take MTV to your home if you do not get ahead of more than 150 rivals.


  • MTV: the rest of the campaign you can have it for € 99, ​​before the market price comes out. You will have to wait a little longer to receive it until the global shipment.

     3. Train like you fight.

Receive your order at home and enjoy it in the box!

If you are Super Early Bird or Early Bird, you will receive your order in just 3 weeks from the close of the campaign. The rest will have to wait a little longer to receive it with the global shipment.

The moment is now!


“MTV is a very comfortable vest. It fits perfectly to the body and gives a lot of freedom of movement.”

Manuel Carballo

Ex-gymnast, champion of parallel bars in Europe 2015, Olympic in 2008 and 2012. He is currently developing his professional activity in the world of Crossfit with seminars and advanced workshops for athletes and coaches.




“It doesn´t move, the difference with other market vests is evident because the Metcon Tactical Vest stays fixed and does not bother.”

Rita Garcia

Fittest Woman in Spain 2017, 11th in Open 2017 Europe.