The MOLLE system has revolutionized the military world with its reliability and ease. Now we have incorporated it into our Metcon Tactical Vest, the best weighted vest on the market, to endow it with all its advantages. Firmness, lightness, adaptability, versatility … Do you want to discover how?


On September 11, 2001, the world changed. That day changed the way we see each other and also changed the way we act and behave in many situations, even without realizing it. But what also changed was the way the US Army used its cargo systems.

The MOLLE system had been created in 97 but the American Army did not begin to use it until the 11s in its missions in Afghanistan and, later, in Iraq. This new system revolutionized the way in which the military could carry multiple complements, becoming little by little the standard for NATO armies.

MOLLE gets its name from Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. That is, lightweight modular load equipment. Basically, the system is based on heavy nylon ribbons sewn horizontally and parallel on the garment leaving spaces without sewing alternately. The complements, they carry the same system but with the tapes sewn in vertical what allows the fixation of the different complements as if of a gear was treated.


In our Metcon Tactical Vest we have succeeded in creating an extremely light and compact MOLLE systemthanks to the use of Thoratex, which significantly increases mobility without losing a drop of robustness or load capacity. In addition, the laser cut allows no space between the different tapes and that the clamping is even more precise and versatile.

The use of the MOLLE system in the Metcon Tactical Vest allows the body to be perfectly fastened. The MOLLE system is present on the front and back of the vest. The grip straps of the Metcon Tactical Vest are fixed by this system on the back of the athlete with a rapid release military clips system that can select the exact place and thus make the strips more or less long. Once placed in the appropriate place, it is not necessary to change them since in the front they are fixed with a velcro system of great quality, making it comfortable and light.

But we were still not happy, we wanted more, we needed it. Our experience comes from the military world and we knew that what we had in hand (a MOLLE system made with laser cutting in Thoratex) was large, very large. So we got to work with the design and introduced a flap system for the front with a double function. On the one hand, the flap serves as securing the fastening of the sidebands. On the other, it also incorporates the MOLLE system so you can use the vest with multiple accessories: balls, bottle holders, portaradios … Any complement you can imagine will have its space in your Metcon Tactical Vest. We know where our vest came from, but we can not imagine how far it will go.


We have put you in the best ballast vest on the market, with the most advanced systems, based on the military experience of combat vests. We know it is the lightest. We know that it is the one that best fits your body and will not move whatever your training. We also know that you can incorporate all the complements that your imagination reaches. Now it’s up to you to decide what level you’re going to take. It’s in your hand!

Make it happen!